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Best Forum Post Ever
Attacks by PWKs over the Internet
Finances / DECA / Amtext
Leaving M
Life after 'Knowledge'
Maharaji's Behavior
Maharaji's Lies
Maharajism / Rawatism
Mahatma's Behavior

Murder attempt in Detroit
Open letters to EV & M
Origins / Lineage / Hinduism
Parody / Humor
Premies on exes' Forums
Prem Rawat's Claims
Revisionism & EV today
Why I Received K / Stayed / Left
Why they're not interested in K

- Questions to Michael Dettmers and his answers.

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Best Forum Post Ever

The Michael Nouri Knowledge Hour - Why does'nt M JUST TELL THE TRUTH??!!..
Academy Awards (Oscars) - Vote for your favorites
Ending This - The Process may be hard but FREEing
Setting History Straight - One of the 1st western premie's testimony
The Making of a Mess - Neville's account of the Amaroo experience

Why I Received K / Stayed / left
Miragey's recent diatribe - Kelly's last drip: “Introducing the possibility of knowledge”
The disclosures about the Jagdeo sexual abuse - and the cult's and premies' response to it, helped her to leave the cult
Michael Donner's letter to M - He confirms M. Dettmers' posts and more
Rollins - Did M stress me out...?
Welcome to All the Presidents Men - They're All coming out of the closet...1 by 1
Gratitude to this Forum - and its participants
Pam: my memoirs - My concern for the welfare of people under Maharaji's aegis
Goody goody girl - What Happened Maharaji???
To David Andersen - I have taken K & M most seriously all my life
Why I am no longer a premie - leaving is the only option!
The Trainings, another Subjective View - and the start of reintegration into the human race
What was the KIT training all about - that's what blasted me straight out of the cult real fast and for good
Spin doctors vs. integrity - Why most people left the maha cult
I started reading EPO - and then everything explodes in your head....
The Cornerstone is out of place - We weren't selfish enough to be true premies
Premies and Empowerment - What kept us involved ?
Philosophical Question - What if a real "Messiah" descended on Earth?

Service and compensation - if Elan Vital honestly cared about the people who work for them for free
Guruism and nonsense - watch the last struggles of a dying voodoo cult killed by science and democracy
I had Movie Star darshan last night - This is good example
Getting caught in a cult - Do you really get knowledge of your own free will?
If you like it fine ... - Thus spake Miragey
This forum's agenda: - restoring one's analytical and critical faculties
The Cainer Saga - The Daily Mail seems unaware that its own astrologer is a devotee of a sinister cult. The Guardian
I have done several Indian sweat ceremonies - and I do not require or need a master telling me how to satisfy myself
Miami Event April 18-20 - Poignant spiritual bankruptcy

Maharaji's Lies
Captain Rawat - Liar of all Liars
Knowledge is NOT free - It cost me plenty. Most everything I had
Controversy Over Colston Hall Dates - RAWAT INVESTED OUR MONEY!!!

Finances / DECA / Amtext
Amtext - Text Mart, this textbook-buying company
MD 707 Stories - Why he doesn't want to fly commercial airlines
MD More on the 707 - Why M is a shareholder in pwk's enterprises
Money diversion - Premie money given for propogation used to finance his whims & extravagant lifestyle
IRS info - Complying with requests for information

On 'Turning the other cheek' - I don’t think that he is saying that one should never be angry or fight for what is right; according to the gospel texts.
The wisdom of Kabir - and more

Maharaji's Ashram Scandal - That will dog him for the rest of his life
Ashram/Techniques - Who has been abused ?

Jennifers Journey - How much evidence would satisfy you?
Pathologizing the victims - One of them is dead. He was my brother
It happened to me - Yes, cults CAN be dangerous

Open letters to EV & M
My Letter to Rawat - Regarding Jagdeo. And EV's written answer to Susan
My Email to Elan Vital - A former 'volunteer' employee of EV complains
Jim Sander's open letters - to EV/Chapel Hill/Durham NC community
Cynthia J. Gracie - An Open Letter to Mr. Rawat
Abi's open letter to m - I - Why can't you spare us a few hours of your time when we have given you so many years of our lives?
Abi's open letter to m - II - I also appreciate that you are deeply sorry for the pain that Jagdeo has caused me, my brothers and my father

Revisionism & EV today
EV Scared of Exes' Strategy Meetings! - Where is the agitator's office?
Response to Elan Vital - from one of his critics
Does Maharaji have an affluent lifestyle? - A response to EV's FAQ
What is the Maharaji Cult? - Elan Vital says it's not
Is this a Church I see before me? - EV's very questionable status
How can Premies justify a 7 million $ yacht? - Where did all this money come from?
Jim's Email to Joan Apter - Is Maharaji just one of a series of 'teachers, mentors and inspirations'?
I went to a Satellite Video Event last night - It's babying in the extreme
Maharaji in Oxnard - One and only one way to be happy: with Him & Knowledge
Atlanta Propaganda Seminar - He has basically again said nothing as usual
Jim's letter to Pia - My demand for a retraction
Jim's further letter - to Pia
JM's letter - to Pia
JM's version - of the Combat publication's history
Sorting out confusion - Who's creating that obscurity and keeping you in darkness?
King of Yogis and EV - slip on a bunch of banana skins!
On human respect - the fluctuations of org political correctness
For Harry to consider - M's lies about so many things
Iron in the Soul - M covering his ass by trashing those who have been hurt the most. Revisionism and denial did not die with Sartre
Best piece of cult apologism ever - by D. Lovejoy & D. Roupell
E. Andersen is fond of 'Accuracy' - Care to address these points, Erika?
Erika's 101 Reasons... - Worse than being in a cult, is to be in one & not know it
EV's death throttle? M's demise? - Winding EV back to near-nothin?
Passages Spin - Are they trying to say that we were out there looking for an Hindu religion to follow?
That does it - Paid actors showing people how to introduce people to K!
KIT - How-to-sell-Knowledge- without-looking-or-sounding-like-you're-selling-Knowledge
Season's Greetings - Ex-premies are loosers!
Response to Erika's disgusting spin on the Ashrams - It’s about justice, Erika. It’s about damage done to real human beings
New from Erika: 'Filtering out the Good' - There is nothing approaching a "balanced view" of Maharaji on the cult websites, in his videos, or in the Visions publications

Mahatma Behavior
What a Year - Don't forget...that Jagdeos serious crimes were also reported to Mahatma Gurucharanand, by the father of another victim
Jagdeo - They knew for years
Jagdeo in Africa - has the Sampuranand issue been fully explained?
Susan's phone call- with Judy Osborne
Realities ... - Jagdeo
Statement of Lack of Faith - EPO to EV/Rawat
M and sex offenders - M suppressed knowledge about the risks of trusting mahatmas
Locked in a room with Jagdeo - Abi's testimony & nightmares. He is sick and the cult that let this happen is sick

Murder Attempt in Detroit
Response from Patrick Halley - For the record, I never hated Guru Maharaji...
2nd Letter from Patrick Halley - A protest against 2,500 years of illegitimate religious authority
Pat Halley's Third Letter - and summation of the whole issue

Premies on Forum V/VI/VII...
Why Don't Premies Stay Around - Premies post on the forum, and then, invariably, split
Premies are you wasting your time here? - No wonder they come here to the Ex-Premie Forum where they can openly express themselves
To MD, another perspective entirely - Isn't it insulting to assume that people cannot make up their own minds about the posts on this forum?
Erika - Best premie on EPO
To Premie Ji - my advice
Dissension ? - How a sincere person lives in a world that has been created by another person's perspective and his/her own misguided belief system

Leaving M
The Last Degrees of Separation - Conflicts you have in trying to extricate
You don't just one day quit rawatism - It is a long process that you mostly aren't aware of
Depression: The unbearable darkness of believing - Cults by their very nature will persecute depression sufferers and exacerbate their condition
Come Out of the Closet! - You simply feel better as a person
The Personal v. the Big Picture - Which is more significant?
Enjoy your life? - M is a monstrosity. Without premies, he is nothing. The knowledge is not his
Katie D - Keeping the 'exit counselling' conversation alive
The many faces - of denial, part two
WAKE UP, premies!! - Master/slave-ry is Dead!!!
Ending this - The Process may be hard but FREEing
No devotional ladder - the fellowship of people striving to know the truth
Why did some of us - stick with M and K so long?
M's real message - I am the filament
4 Part Guru Expose - The bathwater and the baby
Recognition of alienation - A metaphor
Waking up - Just getting brave enough to stick my toes in the water of not denying the facts
Grateful newly exiting premie - when the facts come to light
Any fence-sitters looking around? - When you go through the process of thinking about leaving...
You've got to see that even in your pain - ... you are already way ahead in the truth stakes
No Real Sadness At Waking up - and leaving the Maharaji cult
COMPASSION - for those that might come in contact with the facts about M
Please define an 'ex' - we have taken a stand
Sympathy for the devil? - last gasp of holding onto a fake God
The Frog in the Well - More on the frog, his well and the EPO ocean
Exiting the Miragey Cult - can be a difficult but liberating process
Rollercoasters, feelings, and the forum - It's not perfect!
Why so much hate ? - we do violence to others when we assume their differences to be flaws and afflictions

Life after 'Knowledge'
Arrested development - but released on bail
Stress of cult followers - It will possibly take years for this human being to get out of m's grip
Living with our differences - can make a big difference in us

Maharaji's Behavior
KK, another ex-PAM, speaks out - Maharaji's mantra was MONEY
Well, we sure got M's attention!!!! - the Rock of Gibraltar has cracked
Bad things happen - the Measure of a Master - That is the only way to see what they are made of
Libeling Maharaji - It's only libel if it's false. LET'S GO!!!
Internet's influence on propagation? - Maharaji's life is a mess
Aren't M's Sexual Abuses really about Power? - He was looking for PREMIE WOMEN TO HAVE SEX WITH - like objects! And these are beings who have entrusted their souls to him
Ashrams/Pot/Meat/Alcohol and m's hypocrisy
Fear of M - How M pushed Sampuranand to the floor and began to punch him in the face viciously
MD Sazyou - M's life is a testament to cynicism and greed
MD Despite his wealth - Maharaji’s greed knows no boundariess
MD The real issue about m - him taking responsibility and accountability
Another Michael Donner comment - What M does really love
M. Donner. Care? - He never allowed a personal relationship with anyone
Latest from Patrick - Maharaji is reported to be reading this site
Former instructor describes - nauseating experiences
Even premies admit - M's behavior
He used to humiliate me - M putting people around him down constantly
David Andersen on 'catalyst' - The ONLY one Rawat loves is himself
The Empty-Calorie Satguru - does Maharaji speak as one who has mastered meditation?
Exactly how many funerals has M attended - of his devotees who have died?

What Maharaji said on that night - About the sewage of the mind
Has anything M has said ever not been true? - Excellent question!
Amnesia - Why would anyone believe that he the 'Lord of the Universe'?
This is topical! - M about the Clinton-Lewinsky debacle
M and the Evil Mind - GM JI, The Lord, All-Powerful: more genuine quotes

Maharajism - Rawatism
My Message to Aspirants - Have common sense
Beyond Belief - The Maharaji phenonenon is a belief system
Third Technique Update! - The swinging third technique
The Nine Techniques - Taught by m's mahatmas in the old days
Did M think he was God incarnate? - Did we? Does he? Do we?
The Mirror and the Vampire - The illusion of surrendered control
Do premies secretly hate m? - M's grip on people: the denial of feelings
Dyslexia - and his responsibility for things he's said and done
Getting 'netted' or getting 'hooked'? - It’s designed to get you flat on the slab
But were/are you happy? - my problems 'around' were directly due to him
Hypothetical Questions - Indeed
The continuing deposition of MD - About the 75-77 'changes'
Compassion or Condemnation - That behavior must be condemned in the most vociferous manner
Perimeter of Chaos - Surrounding M and the message that he is delivering.
Deception at the heart of the cult - 'X rating' the people close to Maharaji
Coordinators Meetings Dec, 1976 - M's come-back as the incarnation of God
Challenges!! - The Truth cannot be damaged by close inspection
Who brought M to the west? - More details
Why Elan Vital/Maharaji - is a CULT -- To Premies
Masters are - for dogs
The millennial Master's - amorphous aphorisms
The many faces of denial - Bait and switch, and the aspirant process
Golden toilets ? - It's like trying to spit shine shit
Some wise man said... - Mahooey is a master only in his own mind
Superficial, superstitious - pompous and wrong
To Mr. William on love - M has trapped pwks in the very duality that he earlier warned against
Logic and Knowledge - You can only prove it to yourself
ELK's report about the Miami program - Oh Maharaji, please don't ever leave us!!!!
Yes, Maharaji Really Is A Cult Leader - Here is why
What M actually 'Says' - ... it's so EASY to understand
The Atlanta training - You Won't Believe It
How did I believe those lies? - continuously persuading myself
I think-Knowledge good / Gurus bad - the other side of the story
They don't know what's going on - They DAREN'T look!
Shifting Allegiances - The Yoof only Event
The "Inner Secret" of Fulfillment - 4 major points of the belief system
Is This Helpful ? - How anybody would make mincemeat out this whole M business
What were the basic myths promoted by PR? - Only premies know what life is really about
The Master of The Bait and Switch - From showing you peace to “being connected to him”

Why they're not interested in Knowledge
Went to Dec. 8-9 Event - enough is enough

Attacks by PWKs over the Internet
Attacked by the Maharaji Cult - STATEMENT BY VICTIMS
To EV, M and everyone - A couple of good will gestures might really help
Fascist cult fear tactics - vs. legitimacy
Peoples Temple, EV and CAC - Pams' actions in covering up the truth about M & his cult are responsible for diverting the lives of countless others
Why do Sicko Cacweasels post here - and make sites like CAC?

Origins / Lineage / Hinduism
On Guru Lineage - Who was Hans Ji's guru?
Rev Rawat's "Knowledge" - is a perversion of a simple mental health regimen designed to instill dependence on the guru
The diaspora of Gujeratis - and M's premies

Parody / Humor
The Real Historic Dialogue - Between Sarupanand and Hans
Maharaji, if you are reading - Here's your speech
Arti - the updated lyrics
The impeccability requirement - Here is a true story
One of my last 'drips' - M: that's not good enough
Yes M is an enigma - so that people can relate to him in this confused world
The Status of Elan Vital - We are just working like synchronized beavers getting that together
This Forum, when On Topic - is a UNIQUE and Powerful Asset
Memories of India 1972 - I never knew how long a turd could be
M's Urban legends - including M's trip to the planet of the perfect masters and meeting with Durga on the way back
Academy Awards (Oscars) - Vote for your favorites
Prem Rawat Foundation & Large Breasts - A dream for a Perfect Lover
Guru Garage Sale - Hundreds of discounts on accessories exclusively at "Honest Prem's"

Questions to Michael Dettmers and his answers

After he's been questioned on the Ex-Premie.Org Forum, and a few phone calls and email exchanges with Jim Heller that Jim reported on the Forum, Michael Dettmers - one of Maharaji's former assistant and advisor in the 70s and 80s - decided to engage in conversations on the Forum.

Michael Dettmers speaks out - on the ashrams' closure (April 2000)
Dettmers speaks out a little more - on the ashrams' closure
My Latest Talk with M. Dettmers - The reasonable people all got out already or, if they haven't yet, they will (October 2000)
M. Dettmers: My Response & Comments - His experience being around Maharaji
Joe's Question to M. Dettmers - About M's Responsibility
Various Questions - and Mike's anwers (October 2000)
My Responses to your additional questions - I don’t recall Maharaji ever really caring about the welfare of anybody but himself and his family
I've been warned - 'Threat' from the pro-Maharaji camp?
Additional Questions to MD - It was always somebody else’s fault
An e-mail from Elan Vital - EV completely miss the point.
A Few Questions for MD - Yes, he had (has?) a serious drinking problem and I told him so
Another Question for MD - About M's Darshan
Bob Mishler, Sophia Collier, et al - Raising consciousness
The Swiss Foundation 1 - I created the Foundation in Switzerland
The Swiss Foundation 2 - Support Maharaji’s programs and tours around the world
Response to Joe, Janet & Rob - Thanks for explaining all that, Mike
I believed M could make a difference in the world - but his consumption of ever more expensive worldly possessions is an abomination of the love and devotion that made it all possible
My response to your question - You, and others, have been persistent in your efforts to get me to provide inside information
My responses to la-ex - How could we, and especially the PAMS (who saw so much contradictory and hypocritical behavior) not see through so much of this sooner?
A question and some comments - Jagdeo, M smoking pot, etc
My response to Joe and others - M's homophobia and offensive jokes
Maharaji was not drunk five out of seven days a week - He did drink cognac every single day during the time I was around him and he always drank in the evening after dinner
More Questions for Michael Dettmers - Maharaji's secret liaisons
Not my last response - Maharaji killed a man
Maharaji's reaction to the death of this cyclist - Just one example of many in which he has exhibited less than exemplary behavior
Questions on various issues
How M & Durga Ji tried to solve their problems - M's concerns about not losing face
Michael Dettmers Interview - Transript of a chat with M. Dettmers
My response to Jim Sander - I did not easily come to the conclusion to post

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