The Aspirant Process: Step 4

Selection for Knowledge - Are you ready?

Then one day you will be informed at one of these aspirants meetings, that one of M's instructors is going to come and see the people preparing for K. They won't officially speak about selection. But you will easily guess because information is already available about the dates of the next conference with M. You will also hear some rumors: M. sent such and such instructor to select aspirants, there will be that many Knowledge sessions because there will be that many conferences, etc. As 30 to 50% of premies are involved in the huge administration of preparing these conferences for him, lots of rumors transpire. Most of them are usually true, even if not confirmed.

You will feel a little unsure about everything, but this is exactly what is supposed to happen for you at this state of the brainwashing process (see Instructors Manual).

There are several type of Instructors. Some might show up and give a short address before or after one of M's videos, to inspire everybody, and to give some information about forthcoming events. These Instructors will also hold meetings with key people at Elan Vital. They will update their information about M's recent wishes  ­ what he intends to do in the near future, financial requirements, help them to solve specific problems related to the organization, etc.

Another type of Instructors are those appointed by M to choose those people who are ready to receive K in a future sessions. Two of them are appointed for that job in western countries : Charnanand and Belkis Shah. They have private meetings with the aspirants (all together in a group, not one to one). This will be the 4th step: selection for Knowledge. The nice people in charge of these aspirants meetings you have been attending for at least 6 months will have private meetings with the Instructor, before and after you get to see him in this meeting. They will tell him all the details they know about the people who came. They will mention the people they don't know. Some people preparing for K live in remote places, or are not able to come regularly for social reasons, and are only in touch through the videos. In that case, the instructor will ask them some more specific questions to assess where they are really at, what they understand about K, etc.

You will be invited to that most expected, so important meeting where someone you don't know will decide if you are ready or not (see criteria in Instructors manual). This meeting will last a few hours. You will have to give your name (you can give a fake one, it does not matter) when you arrive. You might watch some short videos where M repeats what he expects from people desiring K. Then the instructor conducts a question and answer session (that might take hours). You will be allowed to ask any questions, preferably related to knowledge (if you still have questions about karma, past lives, what he thinks about the chakras, if animals have Knowledge, be careful, you must be disqualified this time and have to wait for the next session ­ six months or one year later). You will be asked to sit at the same place during the whole session, so that whatever you express can be linked to your name by the instructors aids (see below).

As you don't know everybody sitting in that hall, you won't notice that some premies are seated in that room: they will take notes of what you say so that the Instructor (with the help of the premies in charge of the aspirants preparation in the various cities represented) can link all the details they have to your name (how long have you been coming, regularly or not, what kind of answers did you give to the instructors questions, which questions did you ask, etc.). All this information will be processed after the selection is over, by the instructor and with the help of the premies in charge. Charnanand and Belkis are not jerks, and they will make a very good job with all the information gathered. In case they lack some important detail, the premie in charge will call you and ask for it in a very friendly manner.

Then the instructor will ask you some questions like; how long have you been coming, will you have time and a private place to practice, are you going to regularly attend video projections, do you have any personal problem (family, job) that could jeopardize your commitment, will you go and see M when he comes, are you ready to make the vows that M asks from people receiving K (give K a fair chance, keep in touch, don't reveal the techniques), are you going to be free for the dates M intends to have the K session?

You will have to ask for K personally from the Instructor. Your phone # or address will be requested (or any means to get in touch with you) so that you can be told whether you have been selected or not, and to personally invite you to the next knowledge sessions and give you all information about it: location, schedule, hotels if it is not in your city, transportation information, etc.

No money will be asked or accepted from you, from the first day you came until now. You might give something in the donation box at premies video projections, but that's all. This might show that you understand that these conferences have to be financially supported and that you appreciate them, but it is not mandatory nor will you be judged (a good aspirant) for that.

Tada!!!! You now qualified for the most expected step.

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