The Aspirant Process: Step 3

Introduction to Commitment and Gratitude

After some follow-up meetings of that kind, you will be invited to the next step:  The Aspirants Meetings: the 3rd step of you involvement.

You decide that you really want to know more about it, that K is indeed something you really need in your life. You think a little bit about it, and decide to show up at some of these Aspirants' Meetings in order to make up your mind, see what happens, possibly make friends with some of these nice people. Nothing harmful really happened up to that point after all. You like what happens, even though you have a hard time understanding their jargon. The setup is the same: nice small halls, same kind of videos.

You will notice that the people taking care of these aspirants meetings are more or less always the same. They have been very well briefed according to M's instructions. They have had plenty of meetings together and some of them might be ex-instructors (see Instructors' Manual). They will remember you (your face), until the time comes for you to be invited to the next step (selection for receiving K). They will carefully take notes of how often you come, when you came first, if you seem to have premie friends, if you asked questions, etc. No need to have your name at that step. Detailed records are kept by the premies in charge of these meetings. (It is their service, they do it very well, with the best of their abilities, because they love M so much.)

Videos are now shown where M is more precise about what K is and what K is not, what you can expect and what you cannot expect, what is commitment, how you can help (refer to instructors manual, and see below the real cost), what is devotion, M's theory about life and happiness, same nice friendly premies taking care of the show.

As you enjoy satsang so much, you will also attend some of the videos for premies. You won't be allowed to attend those events reserved for premies during which M speaks about the techniques. But perhaps you are smart enough to avoid the security check at the entrance (in case you are caught at the entrance, keep cool, don't be paranoid - express yourself in a heartfelt way and say that you really like what M offers, that you want to know more about it, that a premie that you met invited you for this video, and they will very likely let you in). Anyway, you can get these videos (except some special videos that the instructors bring with them) by mail order. There is nothing very secret or special in these videos anyway, it is part of the paranoid system.

You will also watch some more introductory videos. You might borrow some tapes from some nice friends among these nice people - hear from them some beautiful inspiring stories, some fairy tales, start some new inspiring love affair, etc. You will be more and more fascinated, you will feel better and better about everything, you might feel more and more love during these videos and/or with these people there, you will be more and more enthusiastic, and that whole process is supposed to last for about 6 month until you are ready for Knowledge. Don't be in a hurry, be patient.

If M comes around during that period of time, you won't receive K. You might be invited to a meeting with an Instructor. If M. holds an Aspirant Meeting during this event (it is not always the case for various reasons - lack of time, busy schedule, small venues, whatever) you will be invited to attend it by the premies in charge of the aspirants' process.

You will definitely go and see M if he comes (you are maybe already in love with him, or just curious, very enthusiastic or not, it does not matter). You are a good student if you go willingly and more and more regularly through this whole process, if you don't show too much impatience, if you look happy and reasonably enthusiastic (don't exaggerate) about what happens, if you forget about your doubts and your crazy spiritual questions.

Maybe you wonder how much this whole thing is going to cost you: no money is ever asked. You will understand that this conference system is supported by donations. That you will have to register for the big conferences, or make donations. This is going to be clearly said. Nothing wrong. Like in any club. Fine.

Now I want to be a little more precise about what is not being said, because you are so much involved in that love affair that you don't think straight anymore. What will be the real cost of that new premie life ?

Time: video projections once or twice a week. (Are you really prepared to take time from other things you were previously involved in, such as visiting friends, your family, whatever you like to do in the evening or the week-end. Are you willing to sacrifice this?)

Travel: to attend conferences to see M once or twice a year, maybe more. (Your private holidays are very likely to disappear, or perhaps your career will suffer.)

Meditation: one hour minimum every day. How are you going to find that time, and at what cost?.

Service: you will be encouraged to help in Elan Vital; perhaps by ushering at video projections, or cleaning, or selling videos, any administrative job, plus frequent service meetings. This will take some more time, being there in advance at video projections (one or two hours), or at conferences with M (days), one or two afternoons or evening meetings a month with your service team, etc.

Psychologically: you will be more or less involved in something close to a love relationship with M, depending how free you are or how much need you have in that field. This is what is very likely to have the worst psychological consequences. Look for documentation on that topic. See some links of this web-site. This is what will be the most difficult to recover from. You might need a good psychotherapist for a very long time, you may not recover at all if you already had some psychological problems before.

Friends and family; What are your friends going to say about your new philosophy ? You will very likely loose most of them. What about your spouse ? Your children ? Your boss ? Your job ?

Financially: you will be encouraged to financially participate. If you don't participate you will go into guilt feelings.

Support day to day video projections: $100 a month
Donations for conferences with M: $50 a month
Travel and hotel for big international events: $300 a month
Support of Elan Vital Foundation: $100 a month
Purchase of videos, magazines, pictures: $20 a month
Personal donations to M on his bank account: $100 a month
Total: $670 a month
Could be less, could be much more.

Cost of psychotherapy that you might need later : $400 a month? And for how long? And will you ever really recover? Why not start with a psychoanalyst before and check what you really need ? (This is just a suggestion that might save you from a lot of trouble and expense!)

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