The Aspirant Process: Step 1

Many of us involved in this web site received Knowledge in the 1970s, which has resulted in a lot of criticism from present-day premies that we're out of touch with what's happening around Maharaji today. So we were particularly pleased when one of Maharaji's ex-Instructors decided to help us by telling us how it really is these days. Here he describes how new aspirants are guided through the 'Aspirant Process'. The author uses the letter "M" to denote Maharaji, and "K" to denote Knowledge.

Editor's Note: Instructors are people empowered by Maharaji to divulge his secret meditation techniques to aspirants. Originally referred to as "mahatmas" (meaning "great soul"), they were re-titled to "Initiators" in the mid-70's. They were later demoted again to "Instructors", after Maharaji decided that only he was able to impart the techniques.

Aspirants are guided along their path by regular exposure to carefully selected
videos of Maharaji himself telling them only what he wants them to hear at each step along the way.

Introductory Video

I am going describe this most mysterious divine secret process that you may go through if you want to receive Knowledge, by M's grace. If you are in hurry and you just want to know how to practice (without M's grace of course) the techniques of that most divine secret knowledge, go directly to the last part where these techniques will be described as they are shown today, by clicking here.

As I have been an instructor appointed by M and have participated in a lot of knowledge sessions for more than 25 years, I think my description and explanations of the process by which you may receive K (Knowledge) should be quite good and accurate. I made this story as a small fiction, so that you endure my poor English and don't find it too boring and stupid. Very intelligent people (like you and me) ended up receiving K, brainwashed by M, and felt very happy about it, until they ended up questioning the whole thing because of some weird unbearable/unexpected side-effects in their personal life.

If you want to receive K, you will have to go through what is called the Aspirants' Process. There is no way to avoid it, as I will explain. You may be a very good, kind, loving, educated, sincere seeker of truth, already initiated to such and such spiritual way. You may have been meditating for many years, be very smart, whatever, this is the compulsory brainwashing process that will create the bond between you and your future master. Without it there can be no involvement in Knowledge and commitment to M, (which is of course the main purpose).

It just so happens by some chance that you met one day a very nice person who told you that there is something you don't know and which might interest you. Or you just fell in love with a nice girl/guy, and you discover one day that she/he practices some meditation and you want to know more about it. Premies are not distributing leaflets in the streets anymore, or harassing all the people they meet with enthusiastic spiritual discourses (satsang) as they used to do 15 or 20 years ago. You might meet some weirdo who still does, but M, his instructors and the Elan Vital organizers insisted a lot that premies shouldn't do so anymore.

Or perhaps you just watched a video tape by chance in a friend's home, where a guy called Maharaji spoke about knowledge of the inner self, some kind of philosophy you don't know, and you want to know more about it. Whatever the case may be, the message went through and you show some interest. This is the step 1 of this trip: this means that you have been hit by propagation, i.e. spreading of K, aka received M's message.

You ask some questions about it. The guy (or the lady) is more or less embarrassed, or gets suddenly very enthusiastic, and he/she explains you that if you want to know more about it, you should come to a video projection in some hotel or hall in town, or in someone's home, because M is the best person to explain all this.

This will be the 1st step of the process involving you in Knowledge and in M's world. At that point, you will be considered as a seeker of the truth (sincere?), or an interested person (are you not?).

Don't be afraid. At this point nothing harmful will happen in any of these places, except that you might get very much seduced by the nice and happy people that you will meet there (you don't meet that many happy people every day after all), and captivated by the spiritual discourse of the master (unless you find it completely stupid, depending on the type of guru you need). Maybe you are completely fascinated by that premie you met, you are completely in love, and your case might be more serious. Please don't laugh, this is what happened to me and got me trapped for 25 years.

The entrance is free, nobody is going to ask for your name, nobody is going to film or take pictures of the audience. And very likely nobody is going to come and ask you anything, everything is very cool, don't be paranoid. The show will last from 45 to 60 minutes. You might be shown one or two videos, with excerpts of the master's discourses, or simply one full introductory address that he recently gave in New York, Rome or in some other place. Someone might introduce the video and say a few welcome words in the beginning, and that same person might also say a few words when the video is finished, to invite you at future conferences.

In the lobby of the hall, you might find leaflets telling you where and when the next video projections will be and cards with phone numbers (answering machines) offering further information. There will be some videos and magazines on sale, and a donation box somewhere (to cover the expenses of this kind of event). Some nice people will be taking care of ushering; other people will be doing security (in case something crazy or unexpected happens) and groups of friendly people will be having a chat.

If you are still interested, you will of course inquire about the next videos and come a few times to that kind of introductory video projection. Video projections usually happen several times a week in a city where people with knowledge (premies) are active. In big cities, you might have several events the same day in different places.

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